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, washington. it is a toasty friday, july 29. i am scott thuman. >> thanks for being here, i am pamela brown. traffic and weather in a moment -- traffic with lisa baden in a moment. we begin with steve rudin. >> look what's going on. 76 degrees at dulles, 82 at reagan national airport. 79 at quantico. heat index makes it feel more like 90 degrees. temperatures will warm up as we move through the morning and afternoon. the national weather service has issued a heat advisory. 11:00 a.m. until 9:00 tonight for the entire metro area. there could be heat index readings approaching 105-110 degrees. 97-102 is the daytime high expected across the area. the one dislocations will be downtown in the urban areas. look for cooler air on the way for the weekend. we will talk about that and much more. you can always go to wjla.com for the forecast and temperatures in your neighborhood. now to lisa baden. >>> complicated in virginia. interstate 95 hov lanes are closed northbound in newington for a serious crash, multi vehicle accident. that is newington. and the two separate accidents in woodbrige. southbou
, washington. it's wednesday, july 20. i am scott thuman. >> i am pamela brown. thanks for waking up with us. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. oscar wilson with traffic but first adam caskey. it's a waiting game for the intense heat. >> get the bargaining done today as opposed to the next couple days -- the gardening done. it's a point to be high in the afternoons. 78 right now in the district, 73 in gaithersburg. on our way to the mid 90's today. it will feel like over 100 today. mid 90's for the air temperature. 100 degrees tomorrow. it will feel like 111. there's an excess of people watched tomorrow for the entire area. in excess of 100 on friday. >>> we have another accident involving a police car. 66 and glebe road. the accident is blocking all lanes. this will cause major delays this morning. if you can avoid this stretch do so. in maryland there's a water main break on georgia avenue. georgia is closed in both directions near randolph road. expects delays. back to you. >> thank you. >>> we begin with breaking news. more details on where police are investigating an
, washington. it's tuesday july 12. i am synne simpson. >> i am pamela brown. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. lisa baden in a moment. we begin with meteorologist steve rudin. >> tried to find some shade. it's going hot. a heat advisory goes into effect at noon and we couldn't even be flirting with record-breaking temperatures. look at the temperatures outside at this hour at 5:00 in the morning. 72 in gaithersburg, 77 in fredericksburg. the heat advisory is for the area stated in orange. montgomery prince george's county the district, alexandria fairfax. although frederick county and washington county are not shaded warrant, they will still be hot. the dew point level in the 70's. there could be spotty storms later on today. 95-100 with the heat index around 100-105. we will look at some cooler air on the way in a few minutes. >>> there was a gas main break last night. we are taking new to the clarksburg this morning. between 270 and 355 on 121, one lane is getting by in each direction. 270 is open in a direction in that area. back to you. >> thank you. >>> temperatures wil
, washington. great to have you along with us on this wednesday july 13. i am pamela brown. >> i am jennifer donelan. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes with lisa baden in a moment. first, a steve rudin. >> of breath of fresh air today. finally cooler temperatures and lower humidity on the way. tomorrow it will feel absolutely beautiful outside. look at these temperatures at 5:00 in the morning from the belfort furniture weather center. down one degree at reagan national to 82. 73 in culpeper. look what's on the way. 60's across michigan. dew point levels beginning to fall also. that's why it will feel a lot more comfortable outside. we have to get through a few isolated thunderstorms and showers later this afternoon. 88-93 for the high temperatures. no heat advisory anytime soon. a busy commute. >>> it impacts anyone on the west side of the beltway and traveling between the toll road and 66. the beltway was closed for couple hours at route 7. we will check on that with brianne carter and to get the latest. >> those lanes have reopened a few moments ago. traffic is now flowi
. good morning, washington. thanks for being with us on this wednesday, july 13. i am pamela brown. >> i am jennifer donelon. first, steve rudin. >> skies will begin to and get cloudy as we move through the daytime. this is because the cold front is finally moving through. temperatures outside, 83 degrees at reagan national. 70 in cumberland, 73 in martinsburg. northern michigan in the mid 50's. satellite and radar here. the cold front will move through, then a few showers and thunderstorms this afternoon very isolated. partly cloudy skies and cooler temperatures compared with yesterday. upper 80's up to about 93. 60's tonight. 83-88 tomorrow. i wish lisa baden had good news, but there's breaking traffic. >>> the beltway closed in both directions for the last two hours in tysons, virginia. power lines across the beltway southbound out of local delays are growing because of this closure. closed at route 7. southbound beltway traffic is forced to go west. they have closed the exit ramps at 66. there's no where to go. they are optimistic they will have the beltway open within the hour. the
on the suspect. good morning, washington. it's thursday, july 21. i am scott thuman. >> i am pamela brown. thanks for waking up with us this thursday morning. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. first, meteorologist adam caskey. >> [no audio] on the weekend you will feel the capsheat. and excessive heat warnings this afternoon. tomorrow and saturday, we expect the same thing. that means heat indexes will be around 115. 79 right now and hagerstown, 82 in the district, 80 degrees in quantico. the afternoon high temperature will be 100. it will feel like 115 and this afternoon. high temperatures to model a little above 100. becker-challenging heat over the next few days -- record- challenging heat. slight chance of storms tomorrow afternoon at a slightly better chance on sunday and monday, pretty isolated. let's look at traffic. >>> moving nicely on georgia avenue finally. that was closed between randolph and arcola avenue. southbound lanes is what we have to watch for. a water main break happened yesterday. they hoped to get that cleared up today. not quite as bad as yesterday. tha
pamela brown. we will check with lisa baden in a moment. first, steve rudin. >> good at temperatures from the belfort furniture weather center. already in the 60's and 70's. 77 at reagan national, 73 at dulles airports. dew point in the 70's 8. heat advisory is as nearby as ohio. there could be advisories for the immediate metro tomorrow. look for highs around 90 degrees to 95 with a heat index in the upper 90's tomorrow. now to lisa baden. >>> police activity reported on the beltway near the baltimore- washington parkway on the outer loop. if you are headed north out of land over towards college park, near exit #22, there is activity reported. we also you what we found on the beltway at the american legion bridge and that is not much. traffic headed away from us out of bethesda towards the toll road. if everything is good in virginia on 95. no early morning surprises on the greenway, the toll road. back to you. >> thank you. >>> germantown police investigating a deadly pedestrian accident. a man was hit at 1:00 this morning at the intersection of germantown rd. and aircraft drive. he die
pamela brown. >> i am jennifer donelan. we begin with traffic and weather every 10 minutes. first, steve rudin. a much nicer day to day. >> after yesterday finally cooler air and lower humidity levels. look at the temperatures outside. a good 10 to 50 degrees cooler than 24 hours ago. 69 degrees at dulles. 72 at reagan national airport. petersburg is at 55 degrees. high pressure will settle in. we will look for a beautiful day today. 82 to 87 degrees. no need to worry about the umbrella. get the sunglasses out. the humidity is not going to be there today. a very nice day. it looks like the weather will stick around. let's get an update on this morning's rush hour commute. >> it is a good morning and a beautiful trip out of baltimore. i will take you live into springfield right now with traffic heading north. by the way a minor crash on please church pike. i want you to look closely at this camera on the right side under where it says md193. those flashing lights are overnight roadwork. no delays. more to come but now the news. >> we began with breaking news from montgomery county. a man
for waking up with us, i am said they simpson -- am cynne simpson. >> i am pamela brown. now to meteorologist steve rudin. >> just wait until you feel it's later this afternoon. 78 degrees at reagan national airport. we have a heat advisory in effect for the district and immediate surrounding counties. heat index readings could be and as high as 105 degrees this afternoon. satellite and radar showed few clouds off to the west with light showers and a couple storms that moved through last night at 9:00 are long gone. what can we expect for today? 95-100 with a heat index around four degrees warmer than that. let's get an update on the rush hour commute with lisa baden. >>> things are winding down and with overnight construction projects. the beltway is open between the wilson bridge and the american legion bridge on the maryland side. virginia is wrapping up construction on 66 westbound at glebe road. yesterday there was a gas main breaks. 121 eastbound between 270 and 355. traffic getting by to the left. light volume is helping out. >>> traffic is moving on 270 in montgomery
sides are saying that will not happen. pamela brown is following the story and follow -- and joins us with the latest. >> the gap between democrats and republicans is wider than ever, but president obama insists the deal will get done. president obama has made it clear he wants a long-term deal by the august 2nd deadline with no exceptions. >> i will not sign a 30-day or a 60-day or a 90-day extension. it is not going to get easier. it is going to get harder. so we might as well do it now. >> following the press conferences yesterday by president obama and speaker john boehner, the debate has become more contentious than ever. republicans continue to call for a more modest package that would only include spending cuts. >> the house cannot pass a bill that raises taxes on job creators. >> but democrats say they are blocking a deal on a landmark compromise. >> republicans are blocking the deal. >> congress will increase the debt limit in time for us to avoid default. we are a country that pays its bills. i appreciate the statements by the leadership that they recognize default is not an
. it is thursday, july 28. i am scott thuman. >> good morning. i am pamela brown. let's get started with traffic and weather every ten minutes. lisa baden in a moment. first, meteorologist steve rudin >> . looking at a warm start to this thursday morning. heat and humidity on the way for the next couple days. 80 degrees at reagan national airport. 72 a dulles airport. winchester at 68. high-pressure about to move off the coast. we do have a disturbance across the lower great lakes into all highfill that will spread clouds across the mid-atlantic today. that should keep our temperatures down a little. 89-94 degrees, partly cloudy to mostly cloudy. overnight, gradual clearing, 60's to mid to upper 70's for the district. hot and humid tomorrow, 95-100, heat index reading around 105. more than likely looking at heat advisory for parts of the metro area. coming up, the extended outlook. first, traffic. >>> quiet is. the beltway at 66, overnight construction will be gone soon. moving great on 270 southbound in clarksburg. no problems all the way approve 495. looks good in montgomery county and prince
temperatures. good morning, washington. it's monday, july 18. good to have you with us. i am pamela brown. >> i am jennifer donelan. we would check in with allie oakley for traffic. but first, adam caskey. >> the real heal will hit us later this week, especially by thursday into the first part of the weekend. while the outside right now, 76 in the district, 71 at dulles airport cumberland at 66. quantico, 73. wide range in temperatures. high temperatures in the low to mid 90's. 93 locally, a few degrees above average. south wins at 5-10. -- wind. thunderstorms will be all parts of to our northwest -- and thunderstorms will be falling apart to our north west tomorrow. scattered storms, partly cloudy tomorrow. 91101 by friday. back to you. >> thank you. >>> police are investigating a double shooting that happens overnight unburdens per. a teenager was shot and abdomen at an apartment complex on 57th avenue. and 18-year-old male shot in the arm. the shooting was a result of an attempted robbery. no arrests of been made. >>> four notes and a marina deck caught fire at the "washington post club alon
heat. it's tuesday july 19, i'm scott good morning, washington. bowman. ? i am pamela brown. ? the heat will get moving by thursday. especially friday and saturday we have some action of to our northwest. looks like our atmosphere locally will not be conducive to storms. but rather to the northwest that will possibly effect the west of interstate 81. eldridge west virginia, you could get a brief shower or thunderstorms early this. 80 downtown, 76 at dulles airport. we are in the mid to upper 70 opposin -- 70's. 1:00 this afternoon we could see storms firing with a west wins at 5-done. some could be strong to severe. friday, 101. let's go to breaking traffic news. >>> we do have an accident to report on kohl's bill road between franklin street dance like to spea -- colesville road between franklin and silver spring. the american legion branches running smoothly. no delays or accidents. everything running well in springfield headed down 95. we did have one closure of southbound at 54. that should be cleared up by the morning and should be good to go. back to you. >> thank you. >>> more de
to think we need to wake up a little sooner. where's the coffee i am pamela brown. we are going to check in with lisa baden for a look at the traffic. first, meteorologist steve rudin. another frihot one. >> tomorrow will be the hottest day that we see all week long. 76 degrees at reagan national airport new this morning, down slightly from the last hour. in the mountains it's in the upper 60's. high pressure off the coast off will bring a return of a southwesterly wind. temperatures will warm into the 90's this afternoon. the heat index will make it feel like the upper 90's. mostly cloudy tonight in the upper 60's or mid 70's. mid to upper 90's tomorrow with a heat index of 105. first >>> travel times in our favor between richmond and baltimore. it's opened on 95. there was overnight construction in springfield but that should be open. looks good on the greenway, the toll road, 66, and 270. things are quiet around the beltway. in case you want to go to the wilson bridge, the american legion bridge,. a problem in springfield or tysons or the beltway. >>> democrats and republicans still a
pamela brown. we want to begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. first, meteorologist adam caskey. a lot to talk about. >> here we go again. we will crank up the heat and humidity this week, especially by thursday. towards the end of the workweek to bleeding into the upcoming weekend, pool weather. right now, not bad. 66 in leesburg, brunswick and 66. 70 la plata. 68 in berryville. huntingtown at 70. muggy day, high temperature of 93. a lot of sunshine. the best chance of storms all weakest tomorrow. in the morning and afternoon and evening. scattered thunderstorms tomorrow high temperatures in the low to mid 90's. near 100 degrees on thursday for the afternoon high temperature. 101 by friday with intense humidity. now the commute. >>> starting with a look tax 270 near run109 looks pretty good. in springfield, traffic moving smoothly. southbound look good even across the occoquan river. up to the 14th street bridge on 395, in good shape. the road or ground the beltway and has been cleared. starting in good shape for this monday morning. back to you. >> thank you. >>> we wan
. >> i am pamela brown. thanks for waking up with us on this monday. traffic and weather every ten minutes. jim russ in a moment. we start with meteorologist adam caskey. heat is coming. >> respect is. the pleasant weather a is a thing of the past. -- the heat is coming. highs near the century mark by the end of this work week. a beautiful start today in frederick, 70 degrees with mostly clear skies. 73 in downtown d.c., 70 at dulles airport. 64 in manassas and culpeper, 66 incumbents 74 -- 66 in cumberland. >>> accident on new hampshire avenue at lockwood drive in the southbound direction, south of white oak. traffic getting by to the right with a brief delay. we will show you that we have an accident reported in prince george's county on route 50 eastbound near the interchange at 197 against the rush hour float in the bowie strapped. be careful. give yourself a couple extra minutes. in southeast, m street near the waterfront has been reopened after fire department activity. virginia interstates are off to a very good start. back to you. >> thank you. >>> we are following breaki
. thanks for being with us on this tuesday, july 19. i am pamela brown. >> i am scott thuman. we will check with oscar wilson for the roads. but first, adam caskey. everyone watching the temperatures climbed. >> if it will take off as we go into friday in particular. from thursday afternoon thru saturday afternoon we could be around 100 degrees. let's get to the radar. an area of thunderstorms in eastern ohio and western pennsylvania moving, and to west virginia and clipping parts of western maryland. here's a closer look. cumberland a light morning shower. parts of eastern west virginia and western maryland will get some morning action. the rest of us will have storm chances later on today especially early this afternoon into the evening. 80 degrees in washington downtown 77 in leesburg, 77 in gaithersburg -- 73 in gaithersburg. now to breaking traffic. >>> that's right. colesville road still sat down between franklin and sligo creek parkway. there was an earlier accident around midnight. -- still shut doen. -- shut down. they are diverting people on to georgia avenue. no major delays bes
, washington. thanks for being with us on this wednesday, july 20. i am pamela brown. >> i am scott thuman. we will start with traffic and weather. the combination of heat and humidity can make it feel like to digits and it's only going to get worse. adam caskey gets us started this morning the forecast. >> hot and uncomfortable today but even warmer the next few days. thursday through saturday, the afternoon staff will be the worst in terms of heat and humidity. sunrise at 5:59 a.m. hazy sunshine across the entire region. 72 in columbia, maryland, with under an inch of rain from yesterday. three-quarters of an inch in leonardtown, three-quarters of an inch in fort washington. warm and muggy start to the day mid 90's for the afternoon. it will feel like 105 when you factor in the humidity. if a greatstrength and a strong possible this afternoon in the high country. >>> a police cruiser collided with another car in arlington sending both drivers to a hospital. it's having a major impact on traffic right now. >> we have live coverage beginning with jummy olabanji? at the intersection of washingt
--www.ncicap.org-- >> it is thursday, july 14. i am jennifer donelan. >> i am pamela brown. we will begin with traffic and weather every 10 minutes. we will talk to lisa in just a moment but we want to start with the great forecast from steve rudin. >> it does not get better than this for the middle of july. temperature's only in the mid 80's. 71 at reagan national. dulles at 64 degrees. that is 10 degrees cooler than it was 24 hours ago. dew point level in the 50's. high pressure over head. that means sunshine for a good part of the day. here is our forecast -- 82 to 87 degrees. cooler air in the mountains. let's get an update on this morning's rush hour commute. we head over to lisa baden. >> we have travel times in our favor between dale city and baltimore in both directions. a nice run not only on 270 but in the traffic center here at 109. now, to the news desk. >>> we want to start with breaking news this morning. a woman and her baby were carjacked. right now the suspect is in custody after lee -- leading police on a chase on the capital beltway. what is the latest? >> je
thuman. >> thanks for waking up with us. i am pamela brown. the big story and today is the heat moving in again. steve rudin. >> another hot and humid afternoon. even harder -- hotter tomorrow and for the weekend. it's 80 degrees at reagan national airport. in the mountains to the west, martinsburg and winchester and cumberland and gaithersburg looking at morning temperatures in the 60's. we have the satellite and radar showing high pressure moving off the coast. that will signal a change in the wind direction. the lower michigan and northern ohio, there are storms that will fizzle out as a move toward us but the clouds will keep us a couple degrees cooler than we originally thought today. heat cranking up tomorrow for the daytime. highs this afternoon 89-94. in the overnight, skies clearing and the wind will change out of the south. the mid 60's to mid to upper 70's. 95-100 tomorrow with heat index around 105. letson an update on the rush hour commute with lisa baden. >>> a quiet morning. metro rail, marc rail, vre texting in just fine, no accidents to report as far as interstate trav
pamela brown, thanks for joining us. we want to start with meteorologist steve rudin. >> the mini heatwave, not going to last long. just one day with a heat advisory going into effect in a few hours. we will talk about that in a second. 80 degrees at reagan national airport. what it actually feels like outside, 87 once the sun continues rising and it gets warmer. we will look for temperatures this afternoon that will exceed 100 degrees in many locations. the heat advisory goes into effect at 11:00 this morning and expires tonight at 9:00. everything shaded in orange from the mountains to the beaches it will be hot and humid. high temperatures around 100. the heat index will make it feel like 105-110. an updated look at the forecast on wjla.com 24 hours a day. let's look at traffic. a busy morning. >>> quiet is on 270. good on 95 in and out of baltimore. southbound accident near beltsville was moved out of the way. outer loop in tysons is not appear its we will take you into a crash that has been longstanding after route 1 in woodbrige. southbound traffic is getting by to the left.
morning, washington. it's friday, july 22. i am pamela brown. >> i am scott thuman. glad to have you along. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. today will be even hotter. 50 states under heat advisory. the heat has been blamed for 22 deaths. widespread power outages in the midwest. demand on the power grid may have hit record levels yesterday. we have a team coverage of the extreme heat. but adam caskey has a check on the forecast. >> another steamy day, already high outside. some heat indexes are above 90 degrees already this morning. the air temperature is 83 in the district. 78 at dulles airport quantico at 79. very heavy humidity. at reagan national it feels like 91 and 90 in hagerstown. hot start to the day. on our way to about 100 or greater for the high temperature this afternoon. when you factor in the humidity, it will feel like 118. the air temperature and the heat index is for this aid, not for those people back to be outside. -- the air temperature and the heat index is for the shade. >> looks good at the truck scales. looks good between baltimore and the beltw
, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> i am pamela brown. good morning, washington. >> i am scott thuman. will begin with the excessive heat grilling the nation. temperatures could break triple in the nation's capital. but he is blamed for 22 deaths far and has caused roads to buckle and water mains to break. 31 states are under heat advisory. for more on what to expect here, meteorologist adam caskey. >> id is going to be even hotter than yesterday. there's a war starts today, in the 70's. 77 in olney and poolesville and in the district. 75 in waldorf. have an excessive heat warning today. the heat index this afternoon will be a mere 115. the actual air temperature of 100. we will be a few degrees warmer as we go into a tomato with a day stormsnce of late- tomorrow. heat over theging next few days. more of the forecast, but now to traffic. >> a big structure fire on southbound.ke a difficult commute. traffic has been stalked past security lane. avenue is closed randolph and arcola avenue. northbound is not affected. there's the water main breaks issue there from yesterday. in vir
have made it to friday. it's july 22. 5:00. i am pamela brown. >> i am scott thuman. traffic and weather every ten minutes. today is going to be even hotter. 50 states under heat advisory is, blamed for 22 deaths, and widespread power outages in the midwest. brac electricity demand. -- record electricity demand. >>> it is very humid outside already. let's look at the temperatures. right now at reagan national airport, 85 degrees. 77 at dulles, 83 in hagerstown and. the average afternoon high temperature at reagan national is 89 just four degrees warmer than it the morning temperature. it will feel like 118 degrees this afternoon. a few records could call today particularly at dulles airport, where the record is 99. slight chance of afternoon storms today west of the metro area. tomorrow, near 100 still. >>> let's look at the 14th street bridge, beautiful. no problems up 395. the inner loop and out and look from annandale tysons looks good. 270 southbound, no problems near a the truck scales. 95 looks good in the district. smoke sailing. a quiet start to this friday. back to y
. but the talks appear to be going nowhere. pamela brown is in the newsroom with the latest. >> talks have reached an impasse. president obama wrapped it did up pressure on top congressional leaders and said "we are going to get this deal done by august 2." after several failed talks president obama cosumnes republicans to the table to get the job done. >> i have said to them, let's go. it is possible for us to construction a pact that would be balanced, would have shared sacrifice, would involve both parties taking on their sacred cows. >> he has made it clear that he wants a long-term debt reduction deal and he wanted to be $4 trillion. with at least $1 trillion coming from new tax revenue. but the top republican leaders say there's no way a bill like that will pass in the house or senate. >> we have to be able to deliver on this promise and make sure that is done with no tax increases. >> top democrats are digging in their heels over proposed cuts in entitlement programs such as medicare and social security's. >> house democrats are not supporting any cuts to social security or medicare. >> if
now. captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >>> good evening. i am pamela brown. we begin with the dangerous heat wave temperatures once again hitting a triple digits. code orange air quality is in effect today. paramedics have received dozens of heat-related calls and metro is allowing people to carry bottled water on their trains and buses. steve rudin when is the relief going to be here? >> a little bit of a relief tomorrow but the heat and humidity is out there and we are feeling it big time. the current temperature at reagan national airport 100 degrees. we broke the record in 1991. 102 degrees at reagan national airport was the high. this is what it feels like, the heat index 109 at reagan national 104 dulles airport. at the latest doppler radar thunderstorms clearing to the south, south of fredericksburg. earlier, they have had a severe thunderstorm warnings. we have a new heat advisory that will go into effect for the daytime hours tomorrow, expiring tomorrow night. then thunderstorms through the day. are you ready for another potential heat wave? t
. >> live and in hd, this is abc 7 news at 11:00 -- on your side. >> good evening. i am pamela brown. it has been a day and night of extreme weather. a few pop up storms have been through. earlier, the temperature hit triple digits. emergency crews say they received dozens of heat-related calls. let's get straight to the meteorologist with the latest. steve. >> we have a heat advisory for the day tomorrow. it is going to be a lot better than we have had for the last couple of days. yes, we broke a record at reagan national, made it up to 102 degrees this afternoon. now it has cooled down to 88 degrees, but that is just part of the story. the heat index what it feels like at 11:00 in the evening 95 degrees at the airport 94 in gaithersburg. still in the 90's for other places. on monday starting at noon, we have a heated by azeri that will go into effect. what does that mean? -- heat advisory that will go into effect. what does that mean? it means it will feel like 100 degrees outside. are you ready for this? the return of more heat and humidity. the full forecast is just a few minutes away. >
:00 on this monday, july 11. time to start a new workweek. i'm cynee simpson. >> i'm pamela brown. thanks so much for being here with us. we want to start with your traffic and weather every 10 minutes. of course, we will check in with lisa in just a moment, but we want to talk about the heat with our steve and the humidity, right? >> let me tell you later on this afternoon it is not only going to be hot, but we're looking at very humid conditions on the way. tomorrow, even hotter. looking for satellite and radar, lots of sunshine for a beautiful, beautiful sunrise early this morning. a rapid warm-up as we look for daytime highs that will approach the 90 to 95 degree mark. heat index will make it feel about five degrees warmer than that. tonight, upper 60's to mid 70's. and tomorrow, a scorcher, mid to upper 90's. heat index are you ready for this? around 100 to 105 degrees. we have a cooldown on the way. march on that in just a few minutes, but first, over to lisa baden. good morning. >> it is a good morning right now. traffic is moving fine on 66 o
am pamela brown with your news update. have had some trouble spots road this month to let's update from oscar wilson. we have some good news -- is in wheaton/glenmont of georgia avenue is still shut down due to the broken water main. you can get by north and and you divert on to new hampshire evidence. both news on glebe road, directions have been reopened the earlier accident car from lastlice night. let's take you to be our lives the beltway where it is slowing between 95/college park. >>> hazy sunshine outside. that washington lee high school. you can see a few little patchy clouds here and there. humid and not a surprise, 77 degrees in the district right now. we are on our way to the mid 90 possibly cannot rule out an isolated storm and the best far west of the area and only about 30% of viewing area will see that later. the real headline is the heat, up -- at an above 100 by the end of the week. the airport authority board to considerday to build andecision underground metro station at airport. is one part of a media could chop $1 million of the project. we will be back with a
report. good morning, washington. thanks for being with us. 6:30 on this thursday, july 14. i am pamela brown. >> i am jennifer donelan. time for traffic and weather every 10 minutes. we begin with steve rudin. >>> looking absolutely wonderful on this thursday morning with low humidity attemptcomfortable temperatures. 69 degrees at reagan national airport. low 60's's in frederick gaithersburg and dulles. in the 50's in petersburg and cumberland. dew point levels in the 50's. high-pressure overhead will give us lots of sunshine. the beach forecast, near 80 degrees. we will have daytime highs around 85 with the wind out of the north andt 8-12. >>> now to lisa baden. >> complicated leaving washington boulevard, across the 14th street bridge, police activity on the d.c. side. lockdown 395 is not a pretty picture. accident on the b-w parkway. that's between greenbelt road and the beltway. no sound and southbound b where. fire department activity. park police arriving on the scene. that's a crash on the baltimore- washington parkway. 270 looks pretty good on the bethesda side. back to you. >>
in history than the smithsonian and space museum. pamela brown was at today's watch party. >> over the past 30 years, the space shuttle program has been filled with hopes and dreams, tragedies and successes. today marks the end of an era. a lot of people came to the air and space museum to share in the special moment. >> 3, 2, one. >> a applause inside the air and space museum erupted and the crowd watched with all as the final space shuttle soared for the sky. >> it is the last one. >> the first time ever seeing a real -- >> it is the first and last time for many kids here today. astronomy teacher said would missing this is better than anything you're going to learn in a classroom. >> we were able to come out here to the smithsonian for free and witness history. >> bemis the endeavor launch in florida two months ago. this has made it even more momentous. >> when i heard it was going to be here, we thought this was the second place -- second best place to see it. >> you are just holding your breath. >> then it was pure excitement. >> you get goose bumps. >> for many, the feelings were bitt
. already warm outside. i am scott thuman. >> thanks for joining us, i am pamela brown. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. jummy olabanji if it is at the national mall with how people are coping with the heat. we begin with steve rudin. >> heat advisory will go into effect at 11:00 this morning. 80 degrees at reagan national airport. 75 at dulles. look at the heat index outside. it already feels like the upper 80's or near 90 downtown and at annapolis. the heat advisory begins at 11:00 and expires at 9:00. heat index readings could top 105 degrees. satellite and radar shows a weak frontal system on the way later tonight. the actual daytime high temperature 97-102 degrees. that will put us very close to record-breaking heat at all three local andmajor airports. speaking of the heat, a lot of people have to work outside and some just want to enjoy it. >> people are out here already this morning. you just missed a runner. those are the folks out here before the sun rises, trying to beat the heat ahead of the sunrise. it'll be oppressive. similar to the heatwave tha
. it is thursday, july 21. i am pamela brown. >> i am scott thuman and we'll let more on the shuttle and you just saw throughout the newscast. let's begin with traffic and weather every 10 minutes. we have excessive he gripping the nation and the nation's capital. temperatures across the country could break tech -- triple digits today. the he is blamed for at least 22 deaths. the extreme heat as costs rose to buckle and water mains to break. at least 31 states are now under water -- he'd advisory. >>> hot and sticky out there today and some of us wish it was snowing. we'll have a heat wave today tomorrow, and saturday. look at the heat warning in effect for nearly the entire viewing area this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon as the heat and humidity will combine to make it feel like 150 degrees. 77 degrees in winchester. we are on our way to 100 degrees this afternoon. it will feel like 115. tomorrow it gets hotter just over 100 degrees for air temperatures but it will feel like 118 degrees. >>> the commute is still tough if you're traveling in maryland. we're looking at georgia avenue where we h
. it's wednesday, july 20. i am scott thuman. >> i am pamela brown. thanks for being with us. we want to begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. adam caskey has a check on the forecast. bracing for the worst. >> it's only going to get worse. mid 90's today. with the humidity levels it will feel like about 10 degrees warmer than the actual air temperature. keep that in mind when you check the backyard thermometer. add an extra 10 degrees. 77 in the district, 70 in winchester 75 in frederick. 95 this afternoon, but it will feel like 105 with the humidity. we cannot rule out a straight thunderstorm in the west of this area later on today. mere record-breaking heat to the next couple days with highs at or above 100. when you factor in the humidity, it will feel like 110-114. dangerously high heat. that will finally breaks early next week. >>> following breaking news from arlington. a police cruiser collided with another car. >> this happened at the intersection of washington boulevard and glebe road. that's where jummy olabanji has the late-breaking details. good morning. >> goo
, july 28. >> i am pamela brown and want to begin with traffic and weather every 10 minutes and the big story is that the heat is once again moving in. steve rudin is here. >>> are looking at another hot and humid day. hottest of the days will come to more with daytime highs approaching 100 degrees. 79 degrees at reagan national airport and at dulles at 70. 66 in winchester and satellite and westchester shows -- satellite and radar shows we have clouds moving in for the afternoon and temperatures will be around 89-95 degrees depending on how much sun we receive. nighttime lows will fall into the 60's and the day tomorrow will not be so bad. it will be hot and humid, i should say the heat index will be around 105 degrees. >>> 66 and 95 as a normal volume of traffic but no accidents. 270 southbound has delays between 1008209. this is the beltway near andrews air force base. if you take route 5 out of wall dark to go to clinton, it is smooth and no problems on route 4. we will have newschopper7 and a little while. >>> more tough talk and action in the fight to raise the nation's debt ceili
pamela brown at 8:27 on this monday. here is jim russ with a check on traffic. 270 traffic is easing up and is the germantown stretch s or delays.dent let's look at things on the interchange ate where the boulevard traffic in each like the and it looks will ease up along that stretch. the outer loop is still slow college park to silver spring. we'll take a look at a couple of with a problem on the inner nearof the beltway road which has been cleared away. it is still slow from andon'seld toward the rampn accident on the in bound side of rte. t will tie up the ramp cheverley. a lot of sunshine out there few-clouds. time lapse of the sun arlington and are in the 70's everywhere. muddy out there today, 93 the high temperature. you really feel the heat and tomorrow and by the end the week, best chance of storms tomorrow especially in afternoon but we cannot rule few morning storms by near 100 thursday through saturday. investigators are trying to find out what caused an overnight fire that destroyed boats at the washington yacht club. it broke out at 3:00 this morning and caused $1 million
and weather. i love you guys. >>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. morning. i am pamela brown. 8:27 on this thursday. let's check the roads with lisa baden. 95, 395.low on 295, coming out of oxon hill to get to the 11th street bridge as well. a drain cover sunday into the ground, causing a sinkhole on of the 14th street into the ground. s begin at woodbrige virginia all the way to the 14th street bridge. v delays to begin at duke street. is suffering. there are delays at georgia avenue. a minor wreck after new hampshire ave. the shoulder by the time you get there. but it's a nice day. >>> lots of sunshine on the way for today, 82-87 degrees for the daytime high. moving into the overnight, no clouds, upper 50's to mid to 60's. the day tomorrow looks really almost a repeat of today, 85 degrees. a look at the extended outlook, the mid 90's by next week. >>> d.c. councilman marion barry's sun faces a drug dealing charges. barry was arrested in may. police found pcp and marijuana his apartment. more information on this story and others, log on to our wjla.com. we will have another upd
update. >> good morning to you. i am pamela brown at 8:27. baden with a check traffic. an accident on the outer pike hashe georgetown been taken care of. to picturesyou live traffic out of maryland, the american legion bridge where we are moving. that pressure is gone on the other side. take you into virginia. normal delays north of the s the 14thnd acros street bridge and not bad across the roosevelt bridge for traffic on 110, washington boulevard, and good on rosslyn. sunshine outhat there. will warm up during the morning 90-95 degrees expected the daytime high temperature out an may squeeze isolated showers mainly to the of -- and we may squeeze isolated charmingly to the west of washington. tomorrow will be another hot and day, daytime highs 93-98 with heat index readings 100-105 degrees. we could see a heat advisory by this time tomorrow. some tense moments in the sky above camp david. fighter jets intercepted three y flew too close retreat.esidential does not appear that the and thes were linked in restrictedp accident.y we will be back with another update at 8:56. for contin
and a lot of hot top picks. is ane and in hd, this abc7 news update. good wednesday morning. am pamela brown. but get a check on the roads. >>> it has been interesting. on 3 hacker 95 northbound that has been taking care of. delays are going to king st.. we have a crash on 395 northbound that has been taking care of. 270 traffic. but at this. is getting out of germantown. is close to 28. one more picture before you head outside. that is things improving of to king st.. >>> a busy traffic day, and a morning across the mid- atlantic. cold front on the way. that will give us a chance for a few thunderstorms. upper 80s to lower 90s. clear out by sunset tonight, and then less humidity. here is the forecast for tomorrow. r thans not get much bette this for to live. mid-eighties and low humidity. -- it does not get much better r july.is fo america's top young in dc today for the launch of an initiative. a national nonprofit group by americansun age of 30 is encouraging americans to byport companies founded entrepreneur worse. the founders of social. we will be back with another update at 8:56. hope
pamela brown. on the road with lisa baden. >>> virginia was the focus for hours with the crash gone.s now of the accidents out on i-95 about 3:00 third with a couple of tractor-trailers' involved. that was southbound i-95 and rte. one of woodbridge. haz-mat crews have left the scene. northbound 95 in maryland near bwi has a new car crash reported. the outer loop from 95 to get to has slowednue street across the 14th .idge possible wreck on the outer loop between wilson bridge and 210. >>> nice morning in annapolis with hazy sunshine. the district is at 80 degrees like 85 degrees. alexandria is 80 degrees and we at 81 degrees. a heat advisory set to into effect at 11:00 this morning and extends until 11 -- morning -- this evening. it will feel like 110 degrees and slightly cooler tomorrow chance for an isolated showers. >>> the redskins' training camp full gear today and take the field today. not open to the public go to redskin can the first openor practice. we will be back with another update at 8:27. ♪ doesn't seem to be anyone around ♪ ♪ i think we're alone now the beating of ou
update. >> could thursday morning. i am humbled ground at 8:27. -- i am pamela brown at 8:27. >>> in virginia there are no accidents. road east i-395 has a motorcycle crash. in montgomery county, there is accident new hampshire avenue ednor road. there is a crash on the beltway avenue.al you are going north from andrews base toward fedex there will be a delight. -- delay. the heat and humidity is making a comeback this afternoon. upper 80's to lower and middle 90's and tomorrow may have isolated shower but only a chance. fall intolows will the 60's for the district. tomorrow will be hot and humid quality 95-100 degrees like 105ll feel more degrees. will -- we will at a heat advisory for the mid-atlantic. temperatures will cool slightly saturday and better on , near 90 by monday and a chance of showers. >>> d.c. officials will announce parking is nowne city'sle at all the parking centers. online foran sign up system. registered, they can use a app or the internet. we will be back at 8:56. ♪ i think we're alone now doesn't seem to be anyone around ♪ >> did you love tiffa
mary. >> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. good morning to you at 8:56. i am pamela brown and here is wilson with a look at traffic. you know that colesville closed in both directions and we now have a new that has been cleared delays on colesville northbound before east university boulevard. into d.c., weded a check on the 14th bridge which is getting pretty heavy. on the southwest freeway, the eastbound ramp to the third street tunnel has an accident cleared.has been they suspect a slow ride if you're heading into town that way. still fairly gray across the region. the sun rise over with aon this morning amount of cloud cover. the thunderstorm tore over west virginia early this morning and western maryland. degrees in the district, 80 martinsburg and 78 degrees in quantico. , not 90.in frederick fo scattered storms this afternoon evening and some of them be severe. 101 degrees by friday. a big honor for johns -- they reached u.s. news ande world report national ranking of hospitals and it ranked first in five medical specialties. well-deserved accolades. thanks for watch
pamela brown at 8:27 on this thursday morning. busy and theree are quality crashes. is one on new hampshire northbound and of route 4 and the disabled vehicle at 301. 66 eastbound at route 29 centreville, there is a crash. go to the water main break. you can actually see the work here in wheaton and a georgia avenue was closed between randolph road and arcola. you'll find police on the scene. >>> hazy sunshine and hot out there today. our camera at washington arlington.hool in today.l feel the heat with the humidity, it will feel like 115 degrees. that is why we have the excess of heat warning in effect for tomorrow and likely saturday. 82 degrees downtown. we are on our way to 100 but it like 115 today tomorrow and even into saturday. -- ae have breaking news county man accused of his father is now in custody. the 53-year-old was arrested overnight. police believe he shot and killed his 75-year-old father tuesday night. in springfield. we will be back with another update at 8:56. ♪ the glamorous glamorous >> oh, my goodness. welcome back live to "good morning america." and say
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